Happy Clients

I completely trust their expertise, and I know I can leave our Producers’ work in their hands, without having to worry about the process. The final results are always excellent, and – when it really counts – bordering on miraculous.

Jeremy Smith – Production Director – CSC Media Group Ltd 

Award winning sound design is the basis of our existence and reputation. Since incorporation in 2003 we have continuously evolved our services to meet demand in the digital landscape. We offer a full post production service along with facilities for production management, planning and offline services. For our overseas clients we offer bridging via source connect® and source live® as well as fast FTP/Cloud transfers. Being one of the early adopters and proponents of file-based workflows our portfolio spans wide in terms of projects and style but also in terms of geography.

  • Sound Design
  • Tracklay
  • ADR
  • Mix (Stereo / 5.1)

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Grading
  • 2D / 3D Graphics

  • Composition
  • Recording 
  • Production 
  • Mix (Stereo / 5.1) 

  • Tape Delivery
  • Filebased Assembly
  • Web Content
  • Streaming Content


Our Story

Twoears Post was founded in 2003 with the purpose of offering a premium post production service to the growing host of broadcasters and production companies in Chiswick and Greater London. Starting with a single sound studio and a handful of local clients we have enjoyed steady growth and our clients now range from small independent producers to multinational networks.
At Twoears Post, our primary aim is to add value to our clients’ content and workflow. The bespoke mindset of our team has made Twoears a sanctuary for producers of all kinds of media in West London. This year Twoears is reaching its 10th anniversary, and with our new facility expansion in Chiswick and more awards, there’s plenty to celebrate.

What people say

I have been using Twoears for well over 5 years now, and I’m always impressed not only by the high quality work that is always provided, but the can do attitude when I throw a curve ball to Soren! Always my first point of contact should I need to go out-of-house for my audio post production, I can’t recommend them enough. The team have a wealth of experience in all forms of audio production and is a super safe pair of hands. I also have my own coffee cup there!

Alex Quick – Freelance Production Manager


Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. 
Will Rogers

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This week it’s all hands on deck to complete the sound…

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Who to speak to

Soren Andersen
head ears
Straight talking (apologies in advance), passionate sound designer and music composer with bags of experience in post production. For most enquiries Soren will be your point of contact. If you are in production or planning, give him a call. Good advice won’t cost you anything.

Melissa Andersen
serious ears
If you are the kind of person who deals with invoices, finance and the like, you’ll probably want to speak to Melissa. Although with 25 years of experience in just about any aspect of TV production, there’s probably much more you could chat about.

Dan Yates
all ears
Fast running and efficient management of the office and coffee machine. Being this fast usually means that when you call you’ll hear his voice first. And if you come around he’ll be there to welcome you too. Dan is also an aspiring sound designer. Watch this space!